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Mt Ngauruhoe. Stunning shot ofa stunning mountain.
Mt Ngauruhoe
I really enjoy looking at the cams in New Zealand and yours are one of the best that I have seen. So keep them on. Tina in Grantsville, MD

Kiwi Snow Reports, New Zealand

April 06, 2002 - Free and Independent

Kia Ora

Oh my goodness. Those super special season passes are firing out
in a dizzying array of tempting morsels.

Some of these early season deals have limited numbers and they
are closing real soon so now is the hour. Polish up your credit
card, get online and get ready for the season of the sentury.

There are seven New Zealand snow areas offering reciprocal day
lift pass benefits.

Buy a season pass at Turoa, Whakapapa, Mt Dobson, Porters
Heights, Mt Lyford, Cardrona or Treble Cone and when you visit
any other of these fields Adults save $20, Students save $15 and
Children save $10 on a day lift pass. Exceptions are Mt Dobson
where children save $7 and Mt Lyford where the child's saving is
only available on Teen passes.

Now I am not sure what is going on in oz but i think our comrades
across the pacific might be turning a little green with envy.
Then again it always has been cheaper for many Australians to
cross the ditch for their snow experience.

So stop thinking about it and put your money where your mind is.

Evan " I've got mine " Bloomfield

>== This Issue - the season pass special

** fresh snow
** goes for broke
** Cardrona coming in for the cold
** Treble Cone on top of it all
** Queenstown Snow Cams
** Two Sides, One Pass! Mt Ruapehu.
** Read this and weep
** Subscribe and unsubsnow information

>== Fresh Snow

April fools surprise.

Except it's for real.

Snow Cams don't lie.

Corone Peak on 1 April 2002.

>== goes for broke

> Offer closes Monday 8 April 2002

The countdown has begun as the final day for buying's supervalue nzskipass gets closer.

Unlimited access to four New Zealand snow areas for $399? You betya bippy baby. has shrugged off the storm clouds of new ownership and due diligence and come out with guns blazing. Oh, and you get a further $50 off if you had a season pass in 2001 as well.

With your nzskipass enjoy unlimited skiing & riding at Coronet Peak, The Remarkables, Mt Hutt and Ohau Ski Areas for the entire 2002 season! You also get discounts on heliskiing, accommodation, and lift passes at Treble Cone ski area in Wanaka.

Not only but also ski FREE at Vail Resorts, Colorado for their 2002 winter season with your nzskipass! You must book with one of the nominated preferred travel agents and stay at Keystone Resorts.

If that isn't some kind of warped incentive to chuck in the day job and get stuck in to some serious snow sessions I don't know what is. Now is the hours as this offer closes on Monday 8 April 2002.

Download an application form in pdf format from;

Book online and go in to the draw to win the cost of your pass back;

2002 Season Pass Prices

pass - Early, Shoulder, Main
dates - to 8 Apr, 9 Apr to 1 Jun , from 2 Jun
Adult - $399, $1199, $1599
Student - $399, $1099, $1279
Child - $299, $639, $779
Senior - $299, $399, $429


>== Cardrona coming in for the cold

> Offer closes Monday 15 April 2002

Here is what Cardrona has to say about their season pass ...
"The flexibility and convenience of a season pass makes it a
great investment in your health and sanity this winter" ... See I
told you!

In partnership with Mt Ruapehu, Cardrona is again offering the
Ultimate NZ Snow Pass at $449. This Pass gives you unlimited
skiing and boarding at Whakapapa, Turoa and Cardrona for the
whole 2002 winter season. Sales are limited to the first 1500
sold and this closes on 30 April.

More information;

Download an application form in pdf format;

Book online;

2002 Cardrona prices

season pass - Pre, Shoulder, Full, Ultimate
dates - to Apr 15, Apr 15 to Jun 12, from Jun 12, pre Apr 30
Adult - $399, $699, $929, $449,
Student - $399, $599, $829, $449
Teen - $99, $199, $199, NA
Child 6-12 yrs - $99 $99 $99 NA
Veteran - $199, $199, $199, NA

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>== Queenstown Snow Cams

Pumping out high quality pics on the hour since 1996. We use SONY Handycams for our Snow Cams so we can zoom in and out on the action and the exposure is usually right on.

Click on over to;

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>== Treble Cone on top of it all

> current offer closes 12 April

Well if you were earlier than this worm you could have got in to the real early season pass scene at TC.

Fraid to say $499 is looking a tad expensive against the other offers on the table but then again they do record 5.5 metres odd of snow each season .....

More information;

Buy online;

2002 Treble Cone Season Pass Prices

Season Passes
Adult, Student, 6-12 yrs, Over 12 yrs, Family, Senior
Up to 8 March
$399, $399, $99, $199, N/A, $250
Up to 12 April
$499, $399, $99, $249, N/A, $250
Up to 14 June
$899, $699, $99, $299, $1 549, $299,
From 15 June
$1 100, $899, $199, $399, N/A, $299

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>== Two Sides, One Pass! Mt Ruapehu.

> Offer closes midnight April 30th, 2002.

Turoa and Whakapapa, that's one mighty mountain covered. Just imagine if they included Tukino in there as well! That would be 3 sides and one pass ....

In partnership with Cardrona, Mt Ruapehu, is again offering the Ultimate NZ Snow Pass at $449. This Pass gives you unlimited skiing and boarding at Whakapapa, Turoa and Cardrona for the whole 2002 winter season. Sales are limited to the first 1500 sold and this closes on 30 April.

More Information

Download an application form at;

Check out terms and conditions;

Or forget the drivel and dive right in now to buy online;

Or call directly on FreePhone 0508 Ruapehu (0508 782 734). Now thats a nice touch isn't it! I love FreePhone numbers.

2002 Season Pass Prices Mt Ruapehu

date - to 30 Apr, from 1 May
Adults - $279, $579
Students (Full time) - $219, $519
Youths (16 & under) - $149, $449

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>== Waiorau Snow Farm and Snow Park. The pisa double

> Offer closes midnight April 30th, 2002.

New dual Snow Farm and Snow Park Pass. Keep fit and play in the
park. There's a concept. Lots of boarders frothing at the mouth
in anticipation of the a new bit of custom made terrain to play

2002 Snow Farm Season Pass Prices

Adult (trails only) $185
Adult (with skis) $250

Child (trails only) $50
Child (inc. ski hire) $100

Family Pass (trails only) $450
Family Pass (inc. ski hire - skis) $750

More information:

2002 Snow Park Season Price

Adult $799, Tertiary $599, Child $199

More info at;

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>== Read this and weep

Here is a little extract from an email about Whistler two weeks

" The skiing right now is bordering along the route of "epic".
It has been dumping like crazy all week, and there is deep snow

" Earlier in the week, we discovered a new run on
Whistler just off Bear Paw called "unsanctioned". It is an
awesome tree run with just enough steepness to be fun, but
not so much as it is scary. We did 3 runs through there in
the late morning, and each one was in fresh snow knee deep.

" Anyway, skiings great, more powder is expected this weekend,

" Current Whistler Blackcomb Snowbase: 310 cm / 122 in

Don't you hate that

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