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Due to the generous support from Southern Lakes Heliski allowing use of their prime operational terrain we are stoked to announce that another DKD Unlimited Runday is now on...

Mt Clarke is one very special inspirational mountain with a spectacular pyramid presence and outlook at the head of Rees Valley, near Glenorchy. For a fab picture click here. It's already well snowed up as it's right on the Main Divide. You will be cranking it down wide open south facing rolling carving runs on glaciated terrain. Some caution will be required as there will be marked crevasse and out of bound areas.

Plan for cold sparkling deep powder
20 pax min and 60 pax max
Grunty B2 Squirrels - Heliworks and Hannibal Hayes = no mucking round
Staging site is approximately from out of Lennox Falls area, Mt Earnslaw  Station, Rees Valley. Machines Flying from 11.30 am. You'll have to make your way there by 4WDing up Rees Valley. Allow 2 - 2.5 hours travel time from Queenstown to staging site. Note : Serious 4WD's only due to multiple river crossings. You're able to follow the wheel marks of previous vehicles and you'll come across the staging site in the valley floor.
DKD Unlimited Runday famous format of doing as little or as many runs as you can handle. Runs will be done in sessions. Bring your own picnic. Choose long boards and fat skies. Build your own kickers.
Good sounds and fire.

Booking Fee $ 50 per person.
Please email your Visa /Mastercard/Bankcard credit card and contact details to and we will bill you $50 to book your seat.(Sorry we cant process Amex ) If you would like a receit to be sent please indicate. Or send $ 50 cheque and contact details to DKD Unlimited Runday Box 29 Glenorchy asap.

If you want to phone to find out more  - ph Dan 03 4427939
This $50  per person is being donating directly to Glenorchy School to assist with developing uniforms for the children's sport/travel engagements.
The booking fee is non-refundable in the unlikely and unfortunate situation of the weather not being suitable over 2 weekends.

It is planned to hold the day on the first fine day, either Saturday 10th July or Sunday 11th July. If the weather is unsuitable that weekend then the next weekend 17th/18th applies. Listen out to Q92FM Breakfast Show 7 - 8am on the big day to find if it's all go.

Get There Fee $ 325 per person
This covers ferrying/locating helicopters to staging site, snow safety, guides, loaders, landing /planning fees, insurance, your first flight up t Mt Clarke and the flight off the mountain at the end of the day

Heli Lift Fee $ 45 per person per lift
This is you per run fee. You wear a ticket and each time you do a run it's recorded as you load.

You can do a couple of runs or heaps.
Have to have full 6 seats with each load flying. Runs are around 2000 vertical feet. Your runs are added up at day's end back at the staging site and you are billed accordingly along with the Get there fee.
Credit card payments only. No EFT POS.

book your seat[s] here